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Frank Rossi promised Matty the world. The Cockney Canary would become a world famous movie star. As his wife, she would be one half of a power couple, feted and adored by all. But the Wall Street crash puts paid to that and as Frank becomes more violent and unstable, Matty knows she must escape and so she flees at dead of night.

Once home in Bermondsey, she goes into hiding and starts desperately looking for work. But only the hated biscuit factory, Peek Frean's, is hiring. Then, as a secret from her past comes back to hurt her, Matty learns that Frank is on the move, determined to find her and get her back.

Bourbon Creams and Tattered Dreams. The latest novel by Mary Gibson
Order paperback Edition Today | Available from 4th May 2017

Welcome to my website where you can find out more about my books and the inspiration behind them. I am the author of four published novels, Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts, Jam and Roses, Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys and Bourbon Creams and Tattered Dreams. My books are set in Bermondsey, where I was born and brought up, and tell the stories of ordinary people living through extraordinary times during the first half of the twentieth century.

My début novel Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts is about Nellie Clark, a young girl working in Pearce Duff’s custard factory. Caught up in the Bermondsey women’s strike of 1911, she battles to keep her orphaned family together during the First World War years.

I am very proud that Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts was selected for World Book Night in 2016. You can find out more about this event on the News page.

Jam and Roses, my second novel, set in 1920s Bermondsey, follows the story of jam girl Milly Colman and her two sisters Elsie and Amy. The First World War is over, but peace has yet to arrive in the Colman household in Dockhead, where an abusive father and a fractured family make life a continuous battle for Milly. But one fateful day in the hop fields of Kent she makes a choice which sends her spiralling towards tragedy.

My third book, Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys, follows May Lloyd, gunner girl in the ATS, and her Bermondsey family through the Second World War. See the Books page for more details.

My latest book, Bourbon Creams and Tattered Dreams brings back Matty Gilbie, a character we last saw in Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts, when she was on the brink of music hall stardom. I pick up her story ten years later, as the Wall Street crash and some poor life choices force her back to her Bermondsey roots.

Find out more about the inspiration behind my books and see photographs of their locations on the My Bermondsey page.

Thank you for your interest in my books and I hope you enjoy exploring my website.

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